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Frequently asked Questions

Do you carry garments?  Sacred clothing is only available from Church owned sources such as or Deseret Book in Denver .We carry or can order for you anything else Deseret Book carries. What scriptures do you carry?  We have all the scriptures and most other publications from Church Distribution and as Deseret Book at the same price. We can save you the shipping cost if you come and pick them up.  We carry or can order for you anything Deseret Book carries. 
Do you emboss, engrave or imprint scriptures ?  Yes, we can imprint your scriptures in standard script letters, either those you buy from us or those you bought elsewhere, with a personalized name.  We are limited to about 22 or so letters and spaces depending on how many caps and how wide the letters are. Personalizations and imprints may take an additional business day to process. You can order and pay over the phone. We charge the same as Deseret Book. We have been succesful at removing…